Ancient-PvP 517
Welcome to Ancient-PvP, We are well known for being a 517 server.

Yes 517, It's back and Leo will be making multiple updates!

Ancient-PvP 517

Massive 517 Pking Server. Tons of Features Online 24/7 New Dedicated Server SOON!
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Ancient-PvP is currently ONLINE.

Note: If the server is currently Offline, Please wait patiently for the Update to take effect.


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 Forum Issues and Updates

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PostSubject: Forum Issues and Updates   3/5/2010, 1:19 am

Hello Ancient PvP Community members, We are extremely sorry for the setback we've been having.I was trying to "tweak" some forum functions. It has taken about one hour of forum downtime to resolve this problem and we are proud to say we not only fixed the technical difficulties, but we've also incorporated a "Loading page" upon site visits.

What is this?
Every time you type in our URL ( You would normally be redirected straight to the site portal. Now when you type it in you will see this new page showing a banner, a Click Here button, and a short clip towards the bottom of the page. This is simply to remind players that we put just as much care into our forums as we do in-game.

I will personally try to "perfect" this newer type of coding on the site, As I'm skill a rookie when it comes to "Page redirects".

So what is this for again?...
It just gives our forums a nicer look over all and also gives the website the ability to load with no lag. Even if you're computer is slow and laggy.

So in conclusion, This new "page" just simply makes using the forums more efficient and more effective. You will no longer have to wait for seconds on end waiting for that little bar at the bottom of you're screen load fully Sleep . It should take no longer than 6 seconds to load our home page no matter how many players are on at any given time.

Ancient-PvP Forum Administration

What do you think about this "incorporation"? Do you approve of it or disapprove of it? Vote Now!
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Forum Issues and Updates
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