Ancient-PvP 517
Welcome to Ancient-PvP, We are well known for being a 517 server.

Yes 517, It's back and Leo will be making multiple updates!

Ancient-PvP 517

Massive 517 Pking Server. Tons of Features Online 24/7 New Dedicated Server SOON!
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Ancient-PvP is currently ONLINE.

Note: If the server is currently Offline, Please wait patiently for the Update to take effect.


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 Ancient PvP 317 [RELEASE SOON]

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PostSubject: Ancient PvP 317 [RELEASE SOON]   3/20/2010, 11:26 pm

Leo's up to something new, a epic project based off a 317. Yes the 517 is gone and will most likely not be coming back, the new 317 project information will be released at a later date. Until then, Stay active so you're not left in the dust when he releases it.

--Release Date--

==Beta Testers==
No Beta is being held that I know about.


=+=Server type=+=


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PostSubject: Re: Ancient PvP 317 [RELEASE SOON]   3/24/2010, 7:51 pm

Nice! This will hopefully attract alot of new players Smile Great work leo.
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Ancient PvP 317 [RELEASE SOON]
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