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 Ancient PvP Ticket Raffle April!

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PostSubject: Ancient PvP Ticket Raffle April!   4/4/2010, 5:09 pm

Hello, As you may know, Runescape has been giving away a "Big Ticket" prize that gives the winners a all expenses paid trip to Cambridge to tour the Jagex Ltd. Studio!

We've thought of a way we could incorporate this into our server to give players a chance to get prizes!

Now, Since this is the first month, it's more of a test than anything else.

Here's the rules:
Rule Number 1: Not everyone will be entered.
Rule Number 2: To get entered, you must have a total of 5 forum posts. [SPAM is not allowed]
Rule Number 3: Everyone that get's entered will have a equal opportunity to win the grand prize.
Rule Number 4: If you have over 25 posts, You're name will be entered into the drawing twice!
Rule Number 5: If the grand prize winner is for example Joseph. Joseph may not win the second or third place prize.

What's the Grand Prize?
The Grand prize will only be rewarded to 1 player, This reward is a Player Package that consists of the following items;
- 300Mill
- 1 Rare of you're choice
- Life Donatorship

The 2nd prize will only be rewarded to 1 player, This reward is a Minor Package that consists of the following items;
- 100Mill
- Any item priced below 50 mill (Can be stackables)
- 1 Year of free Donatorship

The 3rd prize will only be rewarded to 1 player, This reward is a Starter Package that consists of the following items;
- 55Mill
- Any items under 40mil.

The 4th prize will be rewarded to 2 players only, This reward will give the players the following;
- Any item priced under 35mil
- 25Mill

-Winners will be announced on this thread!
-If the winner(s) do not respond to their Private Message within 48 hours, A new player will be picked.
-If the winner(s) are banned from the forums & muted in-game, It's highly recommended that you make a new account and Private message me!
-This event will happen once every 3 months.

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Ancient PvP Ticket Raffle April!
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