Ancient-PvP 517
Welcome to Ancient-PvP, We are well known for being a 517 server.

Yes 517, It's back and Leo will be making multiple updates!

Ancient-PvP 517

Massive 517 Pking Server. Tons of Features Online 24/7 New Dedicated Server SOON!
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Ancient-PvP is currently ONLINE.

Note: If the server is currently Offline, Please wait patiently for the Update to take effect.


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 Forum Rules [Read Before Posting]

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PostSubject: Forum Rules [Read Before Posting]   2/10/2010, 3:56 pm

Welcome to the forums, Most likely you're new or you're just rereading the Rules again for you're own good.

I Advise all of the community to remember these Forum Rules and engrave them into their heads.

Rule 1. No Spamming, Flaming, Scamming
Rule 2. No Porno (Unless posted in the correct topic)
Rule 3. No Racist Comments
Rule 4. No Double Posting
Rule 5. No Grave-Digging
Rule 6. No Infested links/Downloads
Rule 7. Don't post a topic asking if the server is on! Simply go into the Chat Box or just wait.

Thanks for reading.

Ancient-PvP 517 Forum Administration
Ahhh Wtf
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Forum Rules [Read Before Posting]
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