Ancient-PvP 517
Welcome to Ancient-PvP, We are well known for being a 517 server.

Yes 517, It's back and Leo will be making multiple updates!

Ancient-PvP 517

Massive 517 Pking Server. Tons of Features Online 24/7 New Dedicated Server SOON!
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Ancient-PvP is currently ONLINE.

Note: If the server is currently Offline, Please wait patiently for the Update to take effect.


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 Need Help Installing?

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PostSubject: Need Help Installing?   2/15/2010, 5:47 pm

Alright guys, you need help installing? It's a very simple process really, just alot of downloads.
Ok first download Winrar, it can help other downloads and extracts files.

1.) Download Winrar if you haven't so, and put a shortcut to your Desktop.

2.) After downloading Winrar, go to and click News and Announcements, and click on the DOWNLOAD LINK which is also here. ---> <---

3.) After that open with Winrar and then a "Compressed Folder comes up" Click the yellow folder that says ... and then you'll see Ancientpvp 517 (it should be a yellow folder) and right click and click "Extract" Then a new window pops up. Click "Extract" then click browse and click it at Desktop.

4.) After a yellow folder appears on your desktop (while the extraction process finishes) click on it and open it.

5.) Click the Run command (the second one with MS-DOS Batch File) and then the Game Client window will open up.
***BE PATIENT AND WAIT FOR A FEW SECONDS*** If the Sign-In screen doesn't show it means the server is down to either two things. One it is auto-updating or two there was a hosting problem, and maybe even three, you have internet connection problems.

Anyways I'll be making a video soon on how to download the file on to your desktop.
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Need Help Installing?
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